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  • Visual

    25 56.82%
  • Auditory

    10 22.73%
  • Kinesthetic

    9 20.45%
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    Twerking & Lurking ayoitsStepho's Avatar
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    4w3 so/sx


    Kinesthetic- 12
    Visual- 2
    Auditory- 2

    I hate classes where the professor only lectures. Gah, I can't work like that! I can only remember stuff if I make up my own kind of sign language while studying.
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    Visual: 8
    Kinesthetic: 7
    Auditory: 1

    This is right, and I'm surprised I even got one point in auditory. It was a bit of an embarrassing secret for me in school that I could not learn anything at all like that, and one I worked hard to compensate for. Too bad school is so lecture-based.
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