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Thread: Physical conditioning/training vs. mental learning?

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    Default Physical conditioning/training vs. mental learning?

    How do you strike a balance? How do they line up in terms of what occupies your time the most and why? Is it work related or personal goal related? Is training something you do as a stage before something, for a purpose, and its done or is it an on going thing?

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    Mental learning takes up the majority of my time. It is the default, comes naturally, is necessary for my work. That being said, I recognize the need for physical training, and for the most part, fit it into my schedule regularly. I focus on activities I really enjoy and will be willing to stick with. I don't train physically for specific goals, other than that one of my activities is martial arts, so we do earn belts as we develop our skills. The (mental) learning I do for work is usually on an as-needed basis. If I need to know how to do a certain calculation, or how to use a particular piece of software, or even if we are considering expanding into a new branch of research, I will do the homework necessary to be able to follow through on the task. Outside of work, I learn a combination of what interests me, and what I can put to good use. This also can be very goal-oriented, as when I learned HTML to make a website for a group I volunteer with.
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