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    Right now, I'm learning French and Hindi. I took two years of Spanish in high school, and I think I've retained it pretty well since then. I had an excellent teacher. Eventually, I'd like to learn (or at least try) American Sign Language, Arabic, Mandarin, and Italian, although I really doubt I'll get around to any of those anytime soon.

    I really find learning new languages fascinating--I just wish I could obtain and retain vocabulary as easily as I like to imagine I can. It would help immensely if I actually had opportunities to use what I'm learning.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sultan of Beans View Post
    For English speakers, this shows how many hours you're supposed to learn a specific language to become proficient: Language Difficulty Ranking | Effective Language Learning

    Dutch and French are both in Category I (575 - 600 hours).

    In case you're interested.
    Is this an accurate ranking? I studied Japanese and Russian when I was a languages major in college, and I thought Russian was more difficult.
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