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Thread: Online schooling -- yay or nay?

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    Quote Originally Posted by karenk View Post
    I took an online class at a private art university for free since I worked there. Otherwise it would have been really expensive. So the teacher disappeared for a month during a 2 month summer course. Everyone else just kept quiet about it I guess appreciating how easy it was. It was REALLY frustrating and I eventually told admin and they took a while to track her down. So I guess sometimes even the teachers, college admin don't take the online classes seriously.
    LOL, that is disturbing!

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    Very interesting posts.

    I'm starting an online MLIS program at San Jose State, well-accredited, with students from all over the world. I'm getting used to the idea of learning through Elluminate, Blackboard, etc. There are some hybrid courses, but not many, and the core class with which I'm starting isn't offered as hybrid. At least there's an on-campus Orientation. There's also a mandatory Intro course called Online Social Networking. Probably have a leg up there...

    A few classes are offered at UCB; I look forward to taking some courses there in the traditional format.

    Last night I had the dream familiar to many students - there's a test for which I hadn't studied, I arrived very late, had no pencil, couldn't find my seat, etc. Anxious? Who, me?
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