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Thread: Hobbies and Work

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    I need to become a publisher, so I need contracts/deals with shops to provide them with material to sell lol...

    Or I could just try and find a publisher myself.

    I think that's the difference, for me, for some work I want to do, and a hobby.
    Like, music composition mainly.

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    I've got a ton of different hobbies.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rail Tracer View Post
    So I am curious, how common is it to have both hobbies and work aligned? And how many here have them aligned?

    For those that don't, why not? Does the hobby make little to no money?

    All input would help me understand/differentiate work and hobby (it seems what I have been striving for is that sweet spot between both work and hobby.)
    Ideally, one can find a job one truly enjoys. In this sense, work is a hobby that is lucrative enough to provide a livelihood. One can still have other hobbies in addition, just to explore other interests and develop different abilities and aspects of yourself. (e.g. someone with a largely sedentary and mental job taking up a sport, or someone in a technical job having an artistic hobby).
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