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Thread: Lifestyles for people who don't like work?

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    Date/marry a stripper, a porn star, or any sort of rich woma, and hope se will pay for everything.
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    Where do you live and what are your "minimal requirements"?

    In some countries it's quite possible to live without working, but you have to turn on a kind of "hermit mode".

    Let me guess...besides food,room, etc. you just need a working computer with an acceptable internet-connection.

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    I guess my body just wasn't designed to function on a schedule. I can't consistently sleep or get up at the same time everyday. If my body wants to sleep, it pretty much shuts down...and if I should be sleeping but my body doesn't feel tired I can't make it do what it doesn't want to. (Well, I an extent, but I tend to be in a grouchy mood because of it).

    I also don't like it if I have something that I have to do. It hangs over my head until it gets done...and every moment until them is like my personal version of hell. So, why don't I do it and be done with it? Because that's work...

    Ideally, my lifw would be spent like this..

    1) Get up well rested.
    2) Do something
    3) Go somewhere
    4) Become tired
    5) Fall asleep

    Somewhere in there I need to do things that allow me to eat, live in a comfortable environment, provide for family, and pursue my interests regardless of monetary restrictions.

    The closest career that allows for a lot of this is technical writing (medical). It's right up my alley, as well (education wise)...but the one thing that would suck would be all the deadlines for projects.

    I'd rather not do that for the rest of my life (due to the deadline thing) so, I'm still looking for any suggestions...

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    I would so marry rich just for the lifestyle...but I'm pretty sure that would make me a gold digging whore.

    But I'm sure I could over it.

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    So basically you just want to be free from obligations. I doubt that there is a way to be it in a society like this unless you have the recources or live on society's lowest end.

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    ^^what they said.

    Also, how old are you and what jobs have you had?

    it doesn't sound like there's and career that will satisfy you other than kept woman (if you are a girl). Dont have kids though because those aré worse than a 9 to 5 as far as obligations and time demands :P

    Unless you develop "passive income streams" you're just gonna have to get over deadlines and pressure. you can avoid some of the things you don't like but not all of them.
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    I am the same, perhaps the night shift would be better suited to you, 10pm to 7AM

    not having to wake and go right into work was a big boon for me when I did that and I was able to be more consistent with it.
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    I recommend you win the lottery.

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    Most people don't like being awake when they are sleepy or having obligations hanging over their heads. Sadly, those things are part of adult life. If you really have a serious problem with staying awake or keeping a consistent schedule, perhaps you should see a doctor, as there may be a medical explanation. Otherwise, sorry dude, but you're just going to have to deal with it like the rest of us.
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