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Thread: The Danger of Statistics

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    I don't know if you've talked to your manager yet. I advise to tread lightly. People have strong opinions when it comes to gender relations, there is always the possibility for irrational behaviour against you if you're percieved by the wrong person for trying to maintain the 'status quo'.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikamickmac View Post
    that we have a small enough population to simply have each team leader go up to each team member individually and ask "how can we do better?".
    Makes sense, although if some of the reason for dissatisfaction is the team leader, the employees are unlikely to be honest, defeating the point of asking at all. Hence the anonymous (I assume) survey. An unbiased, preferably non-coworker/non-boss "questioner" would be better.
    -end of thread-

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    Tell your manager about Simpson's paradox.'s_paradox
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