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Thread: Horrible College Experiences

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    I have a friend that sleeps through alarms and stuff all the time. I'd hate to be that way because it'd probably come to screw me over a lot. Unfortunately, the other extreme isn't that great. Being a really light sleeper makes it hard to share a room (yes a room, not a house or apartment) with 2 other guys (one that works a graveyard shift and one that works a normal shift).

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    • Worked as a security guard one summer outside in the worst area of town.
    • Worked as an RA. One huge student had just been released from prison (), and inspired his fellow on-campus roomates (5 of them) to behave as if they were in prison, the RD was the warden, and the RA's were prison guards. Every time an issue with them came up, the RD asked me to deal with it because I was the only one he hadn't threatened to harm or kill.
    • Went into negative detail of exactly what I thought about one professor who was also my adviser... while he was unknowingly walking right behind me.
    • Discovered roomate had hepatitis... and when he found out, he confessed that he had been secretly borrowing my non-electric razor! :steam: (Fortunately, I always rinsed it well before using it, and this may have been one reason I avoided infection.)
    • Discovered floaties in my mouthwash bottle. Further investigation revealed that my roomate had no mouthwash, deodorant, or toothbrush of his own. (This was not the hepatitis roomate.) On a positive note, he did have his own underwear. :rolleyes2:

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    My very first class in college, I was late. I sneaked in, not knowing that it was abosultely not done to enter the auditorium after you arrive late...
    Good thing was that the professor knew my name from day 1
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    I had this microbiology class I was taking during the summer. I kept staying up later, but I kept getting up at 8 or so to go to class. I kept sleeping through class. Eventually, I slept through the test even though my alarm was set. I was gonna fail the test anyway.

    I slept through one other test, and the teacher was willing to let me take it again. She also had a final replacing the lowest grade policy going, so I just went with that since I didn't have a good time to retake it.

    I missed my chemistry final because I thought it was scheduled the day after it took place, but I found that out in the chemistry department. They let me take the test right away. I guessed on every question. Some how I still got a D in the class.

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    Just the other night actually

    I went out to the bars for the last time with a group of friends before dead week. I went up to the bar to get another gin and tonic and some drunk guy bought me 4 double shots of Patron- but under the horrible condition that I had to drink them all right there I took all 4 double shots in less than a minute and wandered off to play pool. I'd already had my fair share to drink, and soon I started to realize that I was kind of drunkish, so I went home.

    What I had forgotten was that I had my final test in linguistics the next day at noon- I went to my classes deathly hung over and probably did a fairly horrible job on my exam because my only thought was "I need to get out of here- fast!" But I wasn't going to ask for an extention because it was my own damned fault that I felt so horrible

    Not a fun experience
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    Quote Originally Posted by Oso Mocoso View Post
    Worst Undergrad Experience:

    Story of accidental and confidence shaking violence followed by ambiguous and further confidence shaking sexual tension.
    I don't mean to make light of your story, but it story tickled me for some reason. I think it's because I can identify with your total confusion at the sequence of events. It also sounds like a scenario from a teenaged movie.
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    Thumbs up An Excursion in Microbiology

    How could I forget this one! In some ways this seems like one of the worst, but it was actually one of the best!

    I had a crush on my microbiology lab partner, and our assignment was to try to find, isolate, and identify one of each of the common types of bacteria. We still needed some E. coli....

    In a scientifically dramatic tone, I suggested that we, "Investigate the restrooms for traces of fecal matter in the toilet--skid marks!"

    Surprisingly, she was just as enthusiastic about this as me, and we split up to check the restrooms. I looked carefully, but the toilets were clean. Disappointed, I exited. I told her of my failure, but her face was gleaming!

    "Bingo, we're in luck!" she said giving me a thumbs up and waving me in.

    We both went into the women's restroom and examined her lucky find. We pipetted samples from the toilet into several test tubes. We discussed how we would analyze the samples, and nearly fell on the floor with laughter as we debated the various options for explaining our find and adventure to the rest of the class!

    As we exited the restroom together, we were still smiling, laughing and giggling. Two science professors were standing right there. They had seen us leave the restroom together, and were eying us suspiciously. But then they saw the pipettes and test tubes we were carrying, and they went back to their conversation.

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    I've seen people in this thread (and others) refer to "dead week" in college. What is that?
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    As it was explained to me last night in Ventrilo chat, it's the week before finals when everyone is studying their asses off. I'm still not clear if there are classes during that week- we always just had a day or two of "reading days" between the end of classes and the beginning of finals.
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    We always have exactly one day before finals start. They're placed randomly over 2-3 weeks, so you usually end up studying for most of that time, with a few days off here and there, including a few at the beginning and end if you're lucky (I'm lucky to be done on the 24th, I have friends writing up til the 29th).

    Not sure how it goes in the states, where most of you probably are.

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