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Thread: How similar are you job/work preferences to your MBTI type

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    Default How similar are you job/work preferences to your MBTI type

    I just took a strengths assessment while filling out a job application and realized "dang, my work preferences are ISTJ as hell"

    - fairness and honesty oriented
    - routine oriented
    - need to to adjust to changes
    - serious and businesslike
    - work at work, play at play. I HATE mixing work and play
    - I am a useless blob without a schedule, but can produce like a mad man with a schedule
    - care about doing a good job, but definitely not an over achiever
    - relatively formal and distant. I am not their to socialize
    - I don't care much about "team spirit" it doesn't matter to me at all. whether my work atmosphere is like a family or people screaming and cursing across cubicals at each other
    - I cannot multitask to save my life. my style of work ethic is about as EXXP as Ebeneezer Schrooge
    - I am usually pretty introverted at work. nothing like my normal, polarizing, charismatic ENFP self
    - I have a hard time functioning productively when my routine is thrown off

    how about you? are your work preferences similar to your type
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    Well, I work as an assistant office clerk at a real estate agency.
    -I have to pick up the phone while my boss talking an earful to me sometimes. (I hate talking on the phone and do not know sometimes what the people want on the job when they call because. I have a short term memory when one person is asking for another.)
    -I work on the computer typing in data for new homes
    -I go on a homesource website and will make an ad for the real estate channel ads on TV. (I guess it's pretty N of me. Funny thing the lady training me mentioned it's pretty intuitive once you get the hang of it.)
    -I kinda do a graphic design work when the real estate agents need flyers for open house. (I wanted to get a graphic design masters degree to be an illustrator of some sort, I guess that's kind of what I'm doing)
    -Filing homes in status (I'm okay with that. I'll organize people's stuff but my home is sometimes a mess)
    -It's a pretty chill environment. I work along someone who is an IXFX office clerk and she likes to talk on the phone. She's like a grandmother to me. She's sweet.
    -Funny thing is my boss sings my praises because she hardly can work a computer as well as some of the others. I think she's either an ENFJ or an ESFJ. I'm leaning a little to the N.
    -I get along with the agents. I live in the South and we are very nice, hospitable people even in a cut throat, pushy job like that, which I understand because their survival is up to them selling homes.
    -It's part-time, which I like.
    -My boss loves art and she did photography courses. So, we have something in common to get along (even if she's pushy and a little neat). I went to her home and I was dumbfounded to find an authentic Clementine Hunter painting hanging on her wall among other paintings of artists I'm not familiar with. (I don't like folk art, but that just threw me for a loop to see that)
    -Flexible hours. XD
    -I can dress casually everyday except on business meetings.
    -Business is pretty slow at the moment, so it's quiet.
    -What I'm dumbfounded about is when I was beating myself up about learning information, the people around me training me didn't yell at me, which is very odd.
    If I had to give a grade on my job about if it fits my personality, I would say, by one point off, a B-.
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    I have a definate T bias when I'm at work. Beyond that I'm not sure if my preferences would point to a specific type or not.

    I've tried letting my NF side show a few times at previous jobs, but I generaly get very strange looks when I do and that makes me uncomfortable (bringin up topics like compassion and empathy when people see you as cold and detached tends to confuse a lot of people)

    In a work environment, I'm very serious.

    I don't mind a bit of socializing, but it really bothers me when someone wants to interupt my work to do it - it always makes the work environment a lot more pleasant if there are other geeks to chat with on lunch break.

    I just want to know what is expected of me and have the freedom to do it however I see fit. I'm very much results oriented when working - it really bothers me to be told "this is how it has to be done", but if you tell me "this is what I want accomplished" then I can usually find a way to make it so.

    I do find having a routine to be agood thing, but I'm still on the lookout for ways it can be tweaked and improved.
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    If I had my way I'd be a performer of some sort, which is kind of the opposite of INTP. I'm actively pursuing this; I am halfway through an aerial silks class, and have other skills.

    But I'm also a philosopher, focusing on taking everything apart and organizing underlying principles into systems, and improving/reinventing/refining systems which already exist. Very INTP imo.

    Right now I'm working as a server and it's really not natural. Being a hostess was easy, but somehow this is a lot harder. In some ways I have really good Se, Fe, and Te- and in other ways I really suck at them.

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    I am surprised this thread has not generated more replies. I would be curious to hear especially from people working in careers that are uncommon for their type. I am an experimental physicist, so the fit is generally good, though I have plenty of STJ and SFJ management/"support" people to deal with, which can be trying at times. I like that I can work for hours on my own, but still am part of a team that is very good about helping each other out and mentoring the new people.
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    Hmmm... political scientist, sociologist, anthropologist, clinical psychologist, psychiatrist, neuropsychologist. I work well as a mental analyst. Seems I branched into a field not as cut out for me as imagined but of course, tis only a test.

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    Well id love to tell you...IF I HAD A FUCKING JOB AND A FUTURE! Ahem...anyhow so far ive done a series of mind eating jobs involving physical activity and often a lot of bullshit red tape.

    I can safely say that this is not for me and never will be. Unfortunately given my age and lack of experience I am now past the point in time where I can afford to probe jobs to see what IS most suited for me. Instead I find myself in the enjoyable position of having to go for anything because it is better than nothing, but then checking my own preferences and deciding that anything is not what I want.

    So I create a nice circle for myself to run in.

    But yeah if I go by my last jobs, they definitely werent for me, although im not sure if you can work out an MBTI type based on what a person does not do well at or feel energised by. Most likely though the job im suited for by skills and the job market.....will be something like a cleaner at Mcdonalds.

    I find that my few consistant traits are:

    *An obsessive need to do a good job. Sometimes to the point that I take on way too much work because im trying to prove I can do a good job, either to others or, (usually), to myself.

    *An also obsessive need to GET.....STUFF....DONE.....RIGHT....NOW. I hate leaving shit unfinished. Im sterotypically a hardcore J in that sense. I get incredibly frustrated when im unable to complete my workload.

    But this might have something to do with the fact that all the jobs ive done are the kind where, if you dont finish that day's load, tommorrow's is going to be twice as hard and then it results in a knock-on effect which ends up with the entire thing crashing down on my head.
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    Take this for what it is.

    The way I work is this... I like having autonomy and freedom to do what I want to do--which involves keeping my own schedule, counsel, and projects. Pretty much everything else follows from that:
    • I'd be hypocritical if I also didn't accept the responsibility that comes with the freedom. So, I do that.
    • That freedom/responsibility involves somewhat 'entrepreneurial' work--not necessarily in starting up businesses, though, since people can absolutely trap themselves in those.
    • I'll develop the tools to do whatever it is that I need to do--I'll keep a calendar, schedule, "to-do" list, etc.
    • "Doing what I want" isn't necessarily selfish. I like helping other people along the way, especially those who were where I was years ago and are driven/capable.
    • 8-5 is a prison. When people ask me what 'shift' I work, I reply with a bemused stare.
    • I mix work and play all the time, unless something's absolutely urgent. I try to do things effectively enough--or far enough in advance--that I don't have a bunch of fires to put out at any given moment.
    • If I do One Big Thing a day, I feel accomplished enough.

    Yeah, that's all ideal. Sometimes, I'm there; sometimes, I'm not. Over time, I've been there more and more.

    The domain that I work in (and am most interested in) is human cognition/behavior, decision science, interpersonal dynamics, etc. Working with people inside and out is pretty cool.

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    I don't think my job is what's typically listed out for INFJ people, but I think it's a job that actually does utilize a lot of my strengths, even if there are many elements of it that aren't 'ideal' for me and that require me to play more of an extroverted role than I'd naturally prefer. Also, I'm not passionate about the industry I am in.

    I'm a Business Analyst, writing systems requirements in the financial industry.

    So, I spend my days in meetings, working with many personality types and stakeholders. Running meetings (the 'blech' part), and trying to nail down requirements.

    I find that I am able to work with people such that people actually don't mind working with me... i.e. I can work with many types and I am not 'offended' by the variety of communication-modes and reactions/behaviors people have in meetings. I can also work well with people that other people tend to have issues with (I know that this is going to go against what's 'supposed' to be the case according to mbti theory and what's said on this forum, but two of the people I work with who most people bump heads with in a major way, and get on the wrong foot with and can't ever get back on the right track, are two higher-positioned TJ women.. and I've managed to work well with them)

    The other aspects of my job that fall into my strength set are the analytical component, and being able to tie together more complex processes, and then finally just my being able to naturally stay on top of things and account for everything that's on my plate...I'm very results oriented and want to get stuff done!! Finally, being able to write decently and comprehend what IT is saying.
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    You wouldn't readily associate the titles I hold with an INTP, but there are unspoken aspects of the job that mesh very nicely with my lazybutt lifestyle.

    Like sitting for hours behind a desk without doing anything.

    Actually, it's miserable, but the point is I'm more okay with being alone and having nothing to do than most people. Also, I am exceptionally patient, so I can hold down my sanity longer than others could in the same situation. Or maybe I'm more insane, so it doesn't bother me as much. I don't know.

    The archetypically non-INTP stuff I do is sit behind a counter, smile, occasionally unlock doors, and tell people where the admissions office is. A baboon could do it, but I hold pride in my job, and it pisses me off when people try and dig at it's credibility.

    A job's a job, god damnit. I'm happy/lucky to even have one. >=(

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