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Thread: How similar are you job/work preferences to your MBTI type

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    Dropout, thief, lazy hermit, athlete, technician, musician...

    Everything seems to be in order.

    Only thing missing is fighter pilot.. I wish.

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    My work preferences are both similar and dissimilar to my type.

    My job is a librarian at a public library. I specialize in reference questions. It matches with my preferences in some ways and not so well in others.

    The obvious match is in the intellectual stimulation. I learn a ton of new things each day and I like using my intellectual ability to do something useful. Reference questions are a type of problem solving. Sometimes you have to read between the lines- the person isn't always able to express well what it really is they're looking for. There are alot of new technologies to learn. Most of my colleagues don't like having to learn all that stuff but I find it exciting.

    Like other INTPs, I'm not the most sociable person although I'm basically easy to work and get along with. I prefer to work quietly, mostly alone and don't have much need to socialize. I haven't really gotten to know my colleagues on a personal level and I don't really care to even though most of them are basically nice people. I'm there to do my job not to socialize. In my job, I don't have to socialize that much with colleagues but I do have to be nice and friendly to the customers I serve. Most of the time this is no problem. I enjoy helping other people- I think its one way to improve my Fe skills but I can never quite accept the "customer is always right." We have the occasional person who is just plain rude and unreasonable. Those people are always stressful to deal with and it's very difficult to bite my tongue and resist lashing back at them. Trying to reason with such people fails.

    Also, I need harmony to work most effectively, which is typically more associated with F types. A very rude customer can put me in a foul mood for hours afterwards and although I can do my work afterwards, I find that my ruminating over some past interaction affects the interaction with my current customer.

    I think I might be little more SJ like at work than at home but that could be said for many people. I need to clearly know what's expected of me and how I'll be evaluated. I hate having unpleasant surprises sprung at me during performance evaluation time. I need to know the overall purpose and big picture, which is more N but I also tend to press for alot of specifics, like when something will be due and when you say that we need to cut spending, by what percentage do you have in mind?

    I don't need specifics in everything though. If anything, I can't stand to be micromanaged and the worst is when a supervisor constantly breathes down your shoulder. Basically, I want clear-cut goals but I want to be flexible about the way in which I go about accomplishing it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bologna View Post
    Take this for what it is.

    The way I work is this... I like having autonomy and freedom to do what I want to do--which involves keeping my own schedule, counsel, and projects. Pretty much everything else follows from that:
    • I'd be hypocritical if I also didn't accept the responsibility that comes with the freedom. So, I do that.
    • That freedom/responsibility involves somewhat 'entrepreneurial' work--not necessarily in starting up businesses, though, since people can absolutely trap themselves in those.
    • I'll develop the tools to do whatever it is that I need to do--I'll keep a calendar, schedule, "to-do" list, etc.
    • "Doing what I want" isn't necessarily selfish. I like helping other people along the way, especially those who were where I was years ago and are driven/capable.
    • 8-5 is a prison. When people ask me what 'shift' I work, I reply with a bemused stare.
    • I mix work and play all the time, unless something's absolutely urgent. I try to do things effectively enough--or far enough in advance--that I don't have a bunch of fires to put out at any given moment.
    • If I do One Big Thing a day, I feel accomplished enough.

    Yeah, that's all ideal. Sometimes, I'm there; sometimes, I'm not. Over time, I've been there more and more.
    Good list, I'm mostly like that aswell (except the calendar - todo list, that's boring)
    ENTj 7-3-8 sx/sp

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    I'm recent to my new job,

    I'm ENTP, and I am my own boss.

    The two are relevant, I'd guess.

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    I am quite TJ at work. Managing, as of the moment. It suits my preferences surprisingly well.

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    INFP: Children's books/toys.

    This works pretty well with my type, except the kids get pretty rambunctious, and I have difficulty keeping things clean and organized even in the best situations, let alone in a toddler hurricane. But I read a lot, make pretty displays, and get to help people

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    Mine were pretty reflective.

    I worked as an adjunct instructor at the university for a human anatomy course. It allowed me to have flexibility and not be on a really tight schedule. I loathe working 8 hour days straight and this was perfect for me. I got to utilize my Fe in the classroom by encouraging students to participate more in class, not to be afraid of asking questions, always being open to unclear teaching (damn Ni), always held extra office hours and even went outside of school to tutor at a starbucks. Anatomy at the university was a 68% fail rate and it was nice to see that number of students failing dropped in the three semesters I taught there by over 20% without compromising the difficulty of the material. My Fe was satisfied mainly because I placed my personal success in the academic success of the students.

    In the time I was not at the university, I was working at a nursing home in the physical therapy department. Some of the most rewarding times in the health care field is watching a patient come in completely distraught and depressed about their acute accidental condition (IE: an elderly person with complete mobility falling and breaking their hip), work in therapy for 8 weeks and leave walking out the door happier than ever with a great appreciate for freedom from a wheelchair. Being a part of that process of encouraging them on a daily basis, engaging them and hearing their life stories made all of my time there worth it.

    All in all, my jobs correlate to my MBTI type.

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    I dunno, but I've always been told that I'd be a good lawyer or that I have a lawyer personality.

    ( . )( . )

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    I dont know but here are my work preferences

    Fairness in the workplace is a must. People must be held to account for what they do and what they produce in the workplace.
    Routines I do well with as long as I can organise my work within the schedule to my liking.
    I hate last minute change but I'm briliant at dealing with it.
    I love to work with sytems that have defined outcomes, deadlines and measurable results. I hate working in systems which are all about nebulous feel-good outcomes where everyone gets a gold star for participating.
    I am pretty social in my work and do like socialising on the job as long as the results if real work don't suffer.
    If there are rules just goddamn follow them. No need to set up a committee to discuss the rules and whether or not they are supportive of us as individuals blah, blah, blah...
    Consistencyis what I value. Who gives a shit if someone performed outstandingly for 5 secs once per year. Give the fucking awards to those who consistently produce work of a certain standard.
    Lets get it done, and sooner rather than later. In fact look, I've already done it.
    I'm an awesome multitasker.

    I've got my dream job at the moment because it allows me to reserve my creativity for personal purposes. It's piss easy to do and having set defined outcomes everyday which I can trounce all over in my sleep is nice. In short, it requires very little of me and I get paid lots.

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    right now, the only corrolation is that i am an ENTP and am giving myself a shot as an independent contractor.

    when i end my studies, i will hopefully also be an ENTP at one of the strongest fastest growing new frontiers of computer science applications to mold and shape our lives, in an industry focused on high risks and multiply small investments, demanding ingenuity and market intuition with a constantly revolving door of small scale projects - mobile app development, its for the ENTP inside all of us.

    seriously someone add that to the career recommendations...

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