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Thread: Ideas?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pinker85 View Post
    So I've decided to just do it as I always do which is jumping in the deep end and hoping I figure out how to swim. I'm going to start my own business. No I'm not interested in ever employing another person which means ideally I just want to make enough to do OK. I had originally thought about raw vegan food delivered via bicycle and hitting up the farmers market circuit. Any ideas where to start? Food ideas? How much would you pay for lunch? What flavors you craving about lunchtime?
    Love your idea - call yourself "The Salad Spinners"
    - if you delivered a vegan / gluten-free salad with raw ingredients to my work everyday, I would pay $10 bucks for it. You will have to find the sweet spot of price point though. And you'll have to maintain a great high quality product, refrigeration a must, and sourcing ingredients might be an issue too if you're not in the most temperate climate.
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    Give up the food idea and sell electric bicycles. Easy to build if you get an engineer on board and da shit to earn money with atm

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    Check this place out. It's a small chain of vegan restaurants in NYC:

    The Autumn rolls are amazing!

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    Wow! Thanks for all the encouragement and ideas!

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