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Thread: my path- arts or academic major?

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    Default my path- arts or academic major?

    This subject ticks a lot of boxes for me and I have a passion for understanding human constructs, just not in a psychological way, or in any particular one of the humanities. I'm talking about anthropology.

    I'm about to undertake a BA arts course, but have progressed to the realisation that a purely theoretical environment would be very good for me. I am motivated to do art and I love viewing art but my ideas I would say are unorthodox... Most theoretical 'canon' is not my subject matter in the slightest. I would be bringing to an anthropology course the very same ideas that I bring to my art. My Ne is nearly my dominant function, and its almost always focused on the same thing.

    I just wanted to know how difficult it is to obtain a place on a course, and if anyone here has studied it..

    NB. PRACTICALLY speaking, it makes no sense whatsover to abandon the course I'm about to start because it will be 3x less expensive to do than anything I start in the future...

    Thanks for reading.

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    Which specific major are you interested in? "Arts" is a broad field.

    A BA is not difficult to get into, except at elite universities (where all courses are difficult to get into).

    I'd like to say that unorthodox ideas would be welcome, but the reality is that it depends on the environment you are in...

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    God I hate academia, love arts, don't know what else I have to contribute to this thread except that I often see them as opposing forces.
    "Sentiment without action is the ruin of the soul." - Edward Abbey

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    Academia is really a torture for the greatest majority of people.
    ENTj 7-3-8 sx/sp

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    Ok, my OP was ambiguous.

    I am about to study Fine Art with Art History, not speculating about it. I am speculating about dropping that option and pursuing anthropology. Sorry, I forgot Arts means a huge variety of things.

    I don't think my ideas are too unorthodox for Anthropology major. I love reading about that perspective + my favourite theorist is a guy called Levi-Strauss. Its not an exaggeration to say that its kind of how I think. If I can't jam my ideas into my coursework then the challenge will be to find a way of doing it.

    Consider that I'm drawn to the subject because it IS kind of vague and unusual... its like a meeting point for a load of other subjects.

    Also, a handful of my favourite artists did academic majors. I like the breadth of knowledge and work ethic it would give me.

    @Marmie Dearest

    Yea. If only I was ISFP. My creative ambitions would be soooo much simpler
    Aesthetics is for artists what ornithology is for birds. (Barnett Newman)

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