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    Default I'm really old, what's a good career for someone who isn't going to get..............

    ....a bachelors degreeee until the age of oh...idk, 29? I started college when I was 18-19 like normal people but then I dropped out for a variety of reasons. I started again in Spring of this year at a community college. I'm going to be done at the end of next spring and I've started looking for a university to call home for a couple of years. I'll have an associates in science when I'm done here...oh, I should explain how this works. In this state if you go to a community college first there are 2 degrees you can get that will allow you to automatically transfer to any public, in-state college without a course-by-course review during the admissions process. It's genius, if I just take random courses and decide to transfer to a university they would have to go through and be like, nuh uh, we can't transfer that credit, SORRY, but if you get an Associate in Arts or Associate in Science, its totally auto-transfer. So anyway, yea, I picked Associate in Science but I could always change it to something else. I have no fucking clue what I was trying to ask. oh yeah, what's a good career for old people?
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    29 is not old. My SO's mother got her bachelor's degree when she was over 50, after all her kids had been to college. Her degree was in sociology/social work, and she immediately got a job as director of social services in a retirement home - just what she wanted. You really are not old, just more experienced, in the best sense. Depending on what you did with yourself during your hiatus from college, that might make you more attractive than your younger classmates.

    So, what career? Ask yourself the usual questions: what subjects and activities do you enjoy? what do you want to be doing all day at work? what careers seem to be hiring now in your area, or in areas where you are willing to go? Your community college, or at least the university to which you will transfer, should have career guidance available to students of all ages. Look for co-op programs or internships as soon as possible. And finally, I recommend staying in the Assoc in Science program, but since I am a scientist, I have a bias here.
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    29 isnt old!

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    Dude. I'm 31 and didn't go back to uni till i was 29.

    Oh. Sorry. Just read your post properly, you're wanting to know how to go about getting into study? Um. Unless you live here in Oz i can't offer much help =/

    Sorry :C

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    Age is irrelevant, choose based on what you're interested in.

    What interests you? What do you want to be involved in? What motivates you?

    The book "What Color is Your Parachute?" might be useful for you. You don't have to read it cover to cover, just browse through it for the sections that seem relevant and interesting to you.

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    when you said "old" i was thinking 80s.

    do whatever sounds most fun, i think. whatever you'll still be interested in even if it's 20 degrees and freezing rain out and your significant other just dumped you and your car looks shitty and your house is falling apart and your friends are being douchebags and you have a stomachache and are debating whether you really, really have to get out of bed.

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    You are not old.

    The average length for someone to get a degree is usually between 22-29 years old. With 22 being the very quick ones and 29 being the ones that might meander a bit to find out what the person wants (or if something comes up outside of college.)

    Other than that, pick anything that interests you.

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    What are you good at AND enjoy doing? Would you classify yourself as left or right brained?

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    Do biochemistry. It's an irreplaceable field in the world modern industry, so you'd never have to worry about pay or job security. It's both interesting, and gives someone like ISTP type the chance to Ti-analyze logic-based challenges, broken up by Se-application utilizing tools (both scientific and your knowledge). Because the demand is high, if you're smart and work hard you can jump into an entry level lab position with a bachelor's degree and the sky's the limit.

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    So the trick, and I may be stating the obvious, is to find a career that interests you, you have talent in (or can build talent in), and there is a market for.

    You can look at to draw conclusions on what markets in various fields look like. But I think this is the lowest of the priorities.

    I think, you need to first, take stock of what you want to know and use, who you want to work with, where you want to live, what hours you want to work, and most importantly what role in society you want. You can target your Bachelor's degree for the field that makes the most sense.

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