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Thread: I'm really old, what's a good career for someone who isn't going to get..............

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    Young-un here but I'd say make sure you're doing it because you love the subject. That way,

    1. You'll smoke us unmotivated jaded teens in marks and career opportunities.
    2. You'll be able to put up with all our immaturity when you're forced to group with us for projects.

    I have the highest respect for "mature" students who have figured out what they want in life. I have none for those who are just dabbling around instead of facing the world.

    Regarding career, same suggestion. At 29 I think the only doors closed are ballerina, runway model and football star.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LEGERdeMAIN View Post
    ....oh yeah, what's a good career for old people?
    Start a knitting business. I mean, you're going to be sitting by the fireplace, knitting in your rocking chair anyways, right? Might as well make a few bucks off the things you knit.
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    if you are good, you can have made your degree at age 62.

    Do internships, learn as much practice as you can. Dont get caught up in campus life. Be disciplined !
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