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    I have some things in mind but what kinds of topics are plausible to research/ do an experiment in the field of psychology? If I get accepted, it's going to be a yearlong endeavor.

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    How much scope are you given? Honours is often more about choosing a thesis supervisor, since you are limited within the scope of their research interests.

    Most of my grand ideas involve creating waves. I personally think the role of the field of psychology/psychiatry itself in stigmatising/trivializing illness needs to be explored. The mainstream thrust of this field is basically: all you need is antidepressants or CBT (or less popular psychotherapies), for whatever malady you have. Regardless of whether it is fatigue due to AIDS, MS or MDD, or a mental disease such as schizophrenia (how CBT could cure that I'll never know). There is also a pseudoscientific linking of the risks of many diseases to stress or behaviour through hand-waving towards the biopsychosocial "model". I put "model" in quotes because it is not like the well defined and easily testable models in other sciences.

    I do have some more mundane ideas too, but I'm not going to explain them on the forum.

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    The evolutionary basis for procrastination.

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