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Thread: Would you be willing to work for an organisation that..

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    I am working for the government and you by signing the work contract agree on keeping some secrets. Often those involve for example bidders for the auction of free space in town. The commune keeps the bids a secret to make a bigger turnover.

    Well I have no problem with this, tho I am not really the best at keeping a secret. Guess one day or another I'll get fired anyways cause I spoiiled a secret
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    Quote Originally Posted by Architectonic View Post
    Would you be willing to work for an organisation that does not allow you to publish a blog (or other publications for that matter), under your own name? For fear that it may hurt the organisation in some way.

    edit, additional question:
    What about *merely* forbidding all discussion about ones line of work?

    This is purely hypothetical I might add.. I might also add that not all countries have such civil right protections and even then there may be exceptions
    To the first question, I would consider it, but that doesn't mean that I would accept it. If I need to be able to have a blog with my true name I would look for another organization for sure, but for now the most important part of my blog is its anonymity.

    To the second question, I would barely even consider it, and surely not accept that nonsense. I'd rather scrape by on living than be prohibited to tell what I do for over half of my waking life.

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    This question brings to mind so many more what ifs! Don't even know where to begin with this one since there are so many analogies of same, already happening today.

    First instinct, no. The next instincts correlate to what ifs. Final instinct, hell if I know!

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    No. I would end up purposefully breaking the agreement out of spite (even if I don't have a blog, and I don't plan to have one).
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