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    I shat in my pants when I was 7.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThatGirl View Post
    At cheerleading camp we were doing pool stunts. I was the flyer and popped out of the water to a full in my cute little bikini and coach snapped a pic.

    A month later the pics were printed and hung on the wall at school, and everyone was laughing around mine.

    Come to find out, my bikini had shifted and there was a large amount of pubic hair on display.

    I took the pic down, and experienced my first ever bikini wax.
    that is pretty embarrassing

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    Wet floor in front of the Principal's office. 4" heels. Landed on my knees as the Principal was exiting his office, looking like I was praying for mercy. This kodak moment was immortalised in the school annual.

    Grade 2 puppet show where I used Barbie for my puppet. I made her costume out of paper. Her dress kept falling off. Voted best puppet show by the class.

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    Quote Originally Posted by You'reWrongI'mRight View Post
    that is pretty embarrassing
    Just to give you a better mental image, I was posed a lot like this in that bikini.

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    Oh dear god, there are so many moments from high school I wish I could forget . . .

    . . . like the time in a small class mini spelling contest for the day I pronounced catastrophe, like cata-strof-a.

    . . . or that time I stood clueless on how to do a certain math problem (I hadn't studied the source material at all) and made an idiot out of myself in front of the class.

    . . . or the numerous times that I triped or got hit by something in gym (I'm a clutz).

    . . . or the time I mixed up a screwdriver and wrench in my auto class.

    No, no, I refuse to remember anymore, I can't stand all the humiliation and laughter. Its all in the past, its all in the past, *represses all memories of highschool*

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