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Thread: Applied Linguistics Blog: Videos, Presentations, Notes, and More

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    Default Applied Linguistics Blog: Videos, Presentations, Notes, and More

    This blog is designed for people interested in:

    - teaching and learning foreign languages
    - linguistics
    - learning how other fields, such as psychology, sociology, politics, history, etc. play a role in language learning and teaching
    - the field of applied linguistics, but doesn't have the time/money/whatever to study the field.

    Of course, it is a useful way for me to study and collect my views and impressions while studying, teaching, and learning foreign languages.

    However, I welcome and encourage any and all ideas, views, input, and feedback from you.

    Later, there will be:

    - videos
    - notes
    - presentations
    - suggestions for reading material and comments on various books/sources I've read or people I've talked to

    Or whatever helps me imbibe the material best. All material shall be my own.

    So have fun, and enjoy.

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    I have a request!

    Do you know any good links of linguistics videos/lectures that aren't going to fill a novice's head with a buzz? I'm in a German for Reading Knowledge course right now, and because it's only German into English and we have dictionaries available, the hardest part is not the German but the linguistics trying to help me understand German. It's easier to brute force translate via and then intuitively understand, than it is to try and follow the "helpful descriptions" with intense linguistic jargon. But presumably if I understood linguistics better it would be quicker that way.
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    or a good link for technical jargon en espanol... I'm great at the human relations part of translating and the contract parts... I'm not good at discussing industry terminology though... that's NOTHING that you learn about in school
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    Yay! Looking forward to it!
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