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Thread: Non-computer jobs for Engineers and scientists

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    Default Non-computer jobs for Engineers and scientists

    Over the last few years it has become clear to me that I can't work in an office with computers. There are a few reasons. One is I can't look at screens under fluorescent lights. This is something I always had trouble with, but has become worse since I damaged the pupil in one of my eyes just a little bit through impact while playing sport. I also tend to become distracted and stare out the window at the day which I'm missing and imagine the other things I could be doing.

    The problem is I've become stuck looking for new options. I have a lot of qualifications which are quite useful, but seem non-transferrable to a computer free environment. I figure there are other people in engineering, physics or related areas who also started because they wanted to understand the world and solve problems, not be stuck in 7-eleven talking to computers, so where can we go? What are the options for dynamic and relatively computer free engineering/science work? Like to get out in the world and explore it again?
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    See thread: "the internet has ruined everything". There are no more jobs without computers...because "person + computer" effectively replaces "you + 5 other people". It's a never ending race to replace everyone.

    I agree with your desire though. My favorite job ever was outside all day, being on my feet, and lots of talking. It was the opposite of "computer work". Sadly, it was not a career job haha.

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