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Thread: Psychology and Social Sciences

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kasper View Post
    Recommendations or words of wisdom for people looking at getting into the field?
    Make sure you aren't too attached to the scientific method.

    NTs might be able to tolerate industrial psychology..

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    Make sure that you are good at something else like computer programming, math, or natural sciences if you want to get into a competitive grad school. That's what the head of the Psych department at my 4- year college told me.

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    Australian schools are a little different in that regard. To get a PhD scholarship here, the major factor is undergraduate grades (heavily weighted towards the grade for the honours thesis), but relevant work experience (which demonstrates ability to research) and published papers also can give your eligibility score a boost. Number of positions are set university wide - so psychology students will be competing against science and law students etc.

    You still have to convince a supervisor to take you on obviously.

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    I just started studying a Masters in Mediation and Conflict resolution. We do a lot of social work subjects with a strong emphasis on different psychological therapy theory and practice. We have to a lot about getting to know ourselves well in order at least be aware of our biases and emotional triggers. Very much centered on postmodern theory.

    Not sure I want to always be a mediator but being rather adverse to conflict I am fascinated by it. I am also interested in helping people reach their potential as they view it/ be happy with themselves.

    The more I get into all this the more I am fascinated but to be honest the more it also does my head in. Looking into Narrative and brief therapy kinda blows my mind away. Narrative was actually developed by someone in my home town of Adelaide. The basis is that our reality is constructed by piecing together stories that come from our culture, family and past experiences etc. Very often we create what is known as a "problem story". The aim of narrative therapy is to rewrite how we construct our "story" and thus our view of situations and therefore our "reality". The idea is to help them construct their own more positive script and understand the story they have been operating under. I was the only one to try narrative mediation in our practical exam last week. It involved highlighting the exceptions to the "problem story" and helping the participants to come up with a new story of how they wanted to things to be. It felt a bit strange but strangely it did work.
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    Well first question I suppose, anyone here? Hands up!

    Why did you get into that field?
    Personal curiosity.

    What do you wish to do in terms of a career?
    Not sure yet.

    Most interesting, least interesting parts of study?
    Psychopathology will probably be the most fun. Somatics will be pretty boring.

    Toughest part of study?

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    I just started college September 20th for the first time, but I am doing Human and Social Services...I love psychology and sociology and helping people, but honestly I hope I am going for the right thing, because I don't want to think I just stepped into this blindly.

    So I can't really say much on how it is going so's only October!

    But I will let you know later
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