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Thread: Business trips / travel

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    Default Business trips / travel

    For those of you who have jobs requiring a lot of business trips (such as for sales), what is the traveling life like? How often can you keep in contact with your spouse, family, etc. back home? How do travel and work vs. home life balance each other, in general?
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    I have to travel quite often. But I use the corporate shuttle to fly up an down on the same day.

    This basically means I have to wake up much earlier than I would like, and get home much later than I would like for that day.

    I am single, so it doesn't affect me in terms of family life. I do, however, find the process extremely tiring.

    I highly suggest that if you work for a big company, you work at the main site where your type of work is being done.

    There are more reasons than just travel for making this choice. Working at a remote site is a large disadvantage in terms of mentoring, camaraderie, efficiency of getting inputs and delivering outputs, etc.

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