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Thread: The French Foreign Legion

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    Quote Originally Posted by Introverted-esfp View Post
    You should JESUS. Albeit your likely to get disspointed. the French Legion as an organization is are nothing like the legendary band of soldiers that they were a few decades ago, that romantized view is gone. Today they have been reduced to a standardized elite troop, with shitty french equipment, operating in counter-insurgency missions in africa, and serving in french colonies. They have nothing of the good ole charming glory of the 20th century, despite having misfits among their ranks.
    Yeah, and I reckon they kind of fell out of favor after that attempted coup in the 60s. Apparently De Gaulle took that personally.
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    Throughout my life, I've considered joining the military. The French Foreign Legion consideration was at the extreme of that romantic fantasy.

    If I were a J, I would have done it already. It's the extreme P in me that could never commit to actually doing it, knowing that my freedom would be stripped away.

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