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Thread: Paper on transphobia

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    I ran into an article about a transgender person who died on the operating table. Was it for ovarian cancer (?) because they stopped working on him.

    Can't remember where of course. I think it was textbook material so perhaps it will show up for you.

    Yes. The pregnant man. Maybe you've already participated in a discussion about this Jennifer. I'd like to know where and would read you with interest.
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    Thank you so much. My mom knows someone who is male to female transgender, actually knows her ex wife and is going to talk to her co-worker to see if I can talk to her ex-husband (it gets confusing because I don't know if it's proper to say ex-wife or husband as she was still physically male but from what I uderstand even though she had a body of a male always identified as female, I wish more people would talk about transgender in positive light, because I know very little about it. She didn't really go through the operations until she was well into her 40s with two kids, pretty much stayed in the closet until about 2 years ago.
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